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“Be the Change You Want to See in the World”

Today while I was running pushing my two kids on the Ogden River Parkway I came across this mural.  It is one of the many cool paintings on the back wall of the rodeo grounds that skirts the edge of the paved pathway.  For some reason though, this particular one caught my attention.  

“Be the Change YOU want 2 C in de World”.  

I’ve heard this saying before, but I actually thought about it deeper today.  Maybe I needed something on my mind to pass the time while I was running.  (Time passes slowly when you are running by yourself and pushing a double jogging stroller for five miles–my 7 month old and 3 year old aren’t exactly long conversationalists.)  

So I thought to myself, “What is the change I would want to see in the world?”  Lots of things crossed my mind, but since I was out running on a beautiful day, I concluded that I would like to see more people being physically active.  I have grown to realize how important this is.  In fact, I’ve become passionate about it.  I really would like to see more people setting aside time each day to workout.

Why?  Because I know what it does for my body, mind, and attitude.  Through coaching, I’ve also seen the positive effects on others.  I’ve seen it build confidence, discipline, and teach life skills.  The effects are numerous and so positive in more than just the physical aspect of it all.  As my thoughts turned inward again, I thought, “Am I being that change I want to see in the world?  Am I setting aside excuses and getting out the door everyday?”  “Am I being a good example to my family and friends?”

Lately, I can feel myself settling.  Being content with 3-4 days a week of running.  Life is busy with two little ones, a husband training for the Olympic Trials, managing a website, coaching, and fulfilling church callings.  But, I am a better person in all other areas of my life when I make my health and fitness a priority.  Of course life has to have balance, but it is like the oxygen mask idea on airplanes.  Put yours on first and then help others with theirs.  Make your health a priority and then you will be better able to help others around you.  

So, I’m recommitting to be a more consistent, dedicated runner for myself, my family, my friends, and YOU!  So join me… recommit to being physically active and “Be the Change We Want to See in the World!”


by Janae Richardson – Runner | USATF Certified Coach

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4 responses to ““Be the Change You Want to See in the World””

  1. Aaron says:

    I have to admit that I’ve been really lazy this winter. Now is the time to make a change for myself and for those around me! Thanks for the pep talk Janae!

  2. Jessica J. says:

    Thank you SO much for posting this. I was actually just thinking about how badly I need to recommit myself right now. I’ve just become so complacent. It is so important to me to be the example in my little family. Again, thank you.

  3. 1Seattlegirl says:

    If that is not empowering, I don’t know what is. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Aaron, Jessica, and 1Seattlegirl thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings :-) –Janae

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