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What shoes are the best shoes for daily running?

It is very important that you run in a running specific shoe. This is one of those things that is worth going to a specialty running store and spending some money on.

First of all, a specialty running store will be able to tell you what type of shoe you should be wearing (neutral/cushion, stability, or motion control…Look at Dr. Rocco’s article on How do I pick a good running shoe?).

Second, specialty running shoe stores will have the newest shoes out there. Now this isn’t a matter of fashion, it is important to buy shoes that haven’t been sitting on a shelf for a year. The cushioning system in a shoe naturally breaks down over time, even just sitting on a shelf. Make sure you switch out your running shoes often. A good rule of thumb is to get new shoes every 400-600 miles or at least every year (whichever comes first). Another matter to consider is what type of terrain you are running on. You may want to go with a trail running shoe if you are doing a lot of running on trails or snow.

Final point, spending time and money on finding a good shoe is a runner’s best injury prevention tool.

by Janae Richardson, Runner and High School Cross Country and Track Coach

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