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Brad Anderson – Utah Running Expert

Brad Anderson           Inspirational Runner

Has raced from the front and the back of the pack

Voted “Most Comical Sense of Humor” by UtahRunning.com

Brad Anderson grew up in Morgan, UT.  While growing up, Brad’s father, Gerald Anderson, took Brad to races and helped instill in him a love of running.  In High school, Brad ran track and cross country and played basketball. He liked basketball, but his real love and future was in track and cross country.  At Morgan High, Brad was a six-time Region Champion and a two-time State Champion.  At the end of his junior year, Brad was named the 2A “Track Athlete of the Year”.  Brad’s future in running looked bright.  At the beginning of Brad’s senior year all of that changed.  He was in a serious car accident that nearly cost him his life.  He was told he would never run again.  Through determination and discipline Brad beat the odds and eventually was able to run again.  When asked about his most memorable running experience Brad said:

One I am proud of and will always remember was my first race after my car wreck. I was never supposed to run again, so running another 5K was pretty cool. It was something I always wanted to do again, but there were times even I didn’t know if I would do it again. I think I have a pretty good perspective on running, since I have been on both ends. I have been the fastest kid, and the kid who could be beat by anyone that was partially awake. I’m just proud that I still run nearly everyday.

Today, Brad races in everything up to the marathon, but the 10K, 15K and half marathon are his favorite distances.  Through hardship Brad gained an even deeper appreciation for running.  He teaches each of us to never take our ability to run for granted.

Along with competing, Brad also coaches.  He started coaching track his senior year and has done it in some capacity (head coach or assistant) ever since. He coached at Morgan High until 2005 and he currently coaches cross country and track at Davis High School (Kaysville, UT).  When he is not running or coaching, Brad works as a sales rep for a medical company.  He currently resides in Ogden, Utah with his wife Amber, also an avid runner, and his three boys.

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5 responses to “Brad Anderson – Utah Running Expert”

  1. Chuck says:

    Hey Brad! how are you doing? Been a long LONG time. Ive been lookin for that sister of yours Shelly, Havent talked to her for years!!!… Was sorry to hear about your dad he was such a great guy and what a Fantastic way to remember him with the race and all. IF you would contact her and let her know CHUCK aka Marne’ has been looking for her Id appreciate it she is a very elusive kinda gal.
    Looks like your doing great you coach at my moms almamater, GO DARTS! Good to see your doing well. Lots of love to you and the family. Marne’ aka Chuck from Ricks college….

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  3. Hi I just wanted to get the scoop on if you could write another post to go a bit further into detail on the topic? This one was great but I would love to hear more!

  4. […] Brad Anderson – Inspirational Runner | Has raced from the front & the back of the pack | Voted […]

  5. […] Brad Anderson – Inspirational Runner | Has raced from the front & the back of the pack | Voted […]

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