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Running Apparel Recommendations

Most sporting gear brands now days have a line of clothing that is comfortable and functional for working out in.  The most important consideration is the type of material the clothing is made of.  Cotton should be avoided whenever possible.  As you work out, your body produces heat as a bi-product to the metabolic breakdown of molecules for energy.  This heat is released from our body in the form of sweat and then ideally dissipates into the air.  However, cotton absorbs all the sweat and holds all of the moisture next to your body.  This can cause chaffing, blisters, overheating in hot weather, and the chills in cold weather.  So, look for workout clothes with a wicking material.  Wicking materials pull the moisture away from the body and then the sweat dissipates throughout the material.  Not only are these types of workout clothes good for moisture control and avoiding chaffing, they are also really comfortable.  Most of the clothes I run in are either 100% polyester or a combination of polyester and spandex.  I love the feel of shirts and shorts that are 100% polyester!

I wear running clothes from several different brand names, but a few of my favorites are these…

Shirt Favorites: 100% polyester Nike shirts

nike shirt

Shorts Favorites: 100% polyester  Saucony, Pearl Izumi, and Hind shorts.

I also highly recommend ditching the cotton underwear and wearing shorts that have a built in liner…WAY more comfortable.

shorts2short liner

Socks Favorites: Asics, Wright Socks Double Layer, and Feetures

Sports Bras: Not really sure I’ve found a favorite yet, but I’m not too picky either.  Once again, I look for options with a wicking component to it.  Moving Comfort has some styles I like, but they are on the pricey end.  I’ve also found some cheap ones from Walmart that seem to do just fine too.  As long as they are snug and a little bit thicker material I’m usually happy with it.

by Janae Richardson – Runner | USATF Certified Coach

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Hydrosleeve – Product Review

UtahRunning.com: We’re here with Justin Lynch today, the CEO of a new Utah-based company called Hydrosleeve. He’s invented a product that we here at UtahRunning.com think is going to rock the world of runners. Justin, WELCOME! Tell us the basics – what is Hydrosleeve?

Justin, Hydrosleeve: The Hydrosleeve is a hands-free hydration system for your upper arm. It comfortably fits a runner with just the right amount of water. It allows a runner to sip water while running without breaking stride

UR: Cool concept! We like it. How did you come up with it?

Justin, Hydrosleeve: During a 5k out at Thanksgiving point I grabbed a little cup of water at my check point, which threw off my stride, but that little bit of water was necessary to keep me going. That night I tried a few different designs and realized that the upper arm is a great place to carry the perfect amount of water for shorter and mid-distance events. So I made an armband, strapped a little baggy of water to my arm, and the idea was born.

Read More….

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