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Your Run Starts Here!

UtahRunning.com Slogan Contest

September 19, 2009 UtahRunning.com started a slogan contest to allow the community to help the UtahRunning.com team come up with the best slogan for the website.

Applicants were able to enter as many slogans as they wished. The one winner received a cash prize of $100. If you would like to watch the video explaining the slogan contest visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvxjvHI21Ok.

So you are probably wondering who won the contest, right? Well Dustin J. of Salt Lake City was the winner with 46% of the votes. The slogan to be used which you probably have seen through out the site is “Your Run Starts Here”.
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Utah Running Races

Running is of the most focused physical activities that you could ever take on. It not only challenges your body but also your mind and your will. The ability to concentrate and find a rhythm in putting one step in front of the other is what running is all about. While to some runners Utah running races are about winning, to others they are about the accomplishment of finishing the race. If you are a runner, then Utah is the place you should be headed for the Utah running races.

The state attracts all kinds of runners, from professionals to people who are running a Utah 5K or a Utah marathon for the first time. With its diverse land forms the Utah land is a great challenge to run on. Also the fact that many of the cities in the state offer running routes help professionals and amateurs train for the many Utah running races held here. Utah running includes marathons, half marathons and family races. This makes it possible for virtually anyone who is interested in running to train and participate in Utah running races. Whether you live in Utah or are visiting you are sure to find a Utah marathon or Utah half marathons on at some part of the state, all through the year.

Some of these marathons require you to register much in advance. So do check for the details in order to avoid any disappointment. Utah running races offer a diverse terrain and it is best to train accordingly. Running is a sport that helps build confidence in one self and adds to the self concept one develops. It is a great way to bring discipline and order into one’s life and is recommended for all age groups. And the best place to go running is Utah, the state that goes all out to support runners.

Typically Utah running races will have the competitors broken up into divisions which will be male and female, and then also various age groups. Utah running races tend to be a wide variety of different lengths; therefore, they require a different array of athleticism. The good news is that you can get out and participate in Utah running races even if you are a beginner.

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Utah Marathon

If you are considering running a Utah marathon then it is time to get down to some serious training. The name ‘Utah’ literally means ‘people of the mountains’.

There is nothing that can take the place of sheer hard work and determination that running a marathon requires. Of course having a Utah running buddy or group that supports you also helps. There is plenty of help online as well as offline that you can consider. If you are coming in from another state then your online group can provide key insight on Utah running races, the terrain, climate and much more.

If you are training for a Utah Marathon or Utah half marathons you can simply search for places you can run this week or weekend and get a good feel of your strengths and weaknesses. There are over a dozen Utah marathons that you can consider registering for and running. So essentially there is a Utah marathon for you to train for and participate in virtually every month of the year. Some of the popular Utah 5K and Utah marathons include the Nordic Track Top of Utah Marathon, Utah Valley Marathon, Salt Lake City Marathon and The Ultimatex Utah Edition.

The St. George Marathon was recently rated by Runner’s World as one of their four top choices for “Marathons to Build a Vacation Around.” Also this Utah Marathon was ranked as Runner’s World 10 Most Scenic and Fastest Marathon and Top 20 Marathons in the USA.

Canyons, valleys, deserts, plains and mountains; the state of Utah offers its residents and visitors a diverse terrain and land form. Utah running is a pleasure for every runner who loves being out on the road, close to nature. Depending on the Utah marathon that you choose you may find yourself running through plains, canyons and mountains. The Ogden Marathon, Desert News Marathon, Park City Marathon and St George Marathon, are considered to amongst jewels in the marathons the state has to offer.

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