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Feeling Overly Fatigued When Running? Low Iron or Vitamin D May Be The Culprit.

by Jason Blackham

Do you have excessive fatigue with your running? If you do, you should consider seeing a physician to have blood work done.  The most common causes of fatigue in athletes is poor nutrition, sleep problems, underlying medical problems, iron deficiency, and Vitamin D deficiency.  When seeing patients experiencing fatigue, I usually check a panel of labs to look for underlying causes as well. In this article, I will address iron deficiency and Vitamin D deficiency.  

Low Iron Levels

One of the most common underlying reasons for fatigue in athletes is low iron levels.  When iron levels are low for long enough, anemia or low red blood cell counts result.  However, one can be iron deficient without having anemia.  Anemia is most common in women athletes during the ages of menstruation due to loss of blood with menstrual cycles combined with not having enough iron in the diet.  Other major causes include bleeding usually in the GI tract, stomach or bowel, and not enough iron in the diet as well as other medical problems.  

Read More….

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by on Jun.01, 2017, under Nutrition, Utah Running

Join The UtahRunning.com Racing Team

Unless you’re still in high school or college, the opportunity to be a part of a running team is hard to find.  For us, some of our favorite running experiences have more to do with the teammates or the people we experienced them with than with the actual running we did.  Our time spent on teams has shown that being a part of a group can help bring out the best in an individual as each member strives to help contribute to the goals of the whole team.  There is something about being a part of something bigger than ourselves that gives us a sense of purpose, direction, and belonging.  And, let’s face it; running with others makes it a heck of a lot more fun to pound that pavement (or trail)!

For the last couple of years UtahRunning.com has put together an Elite Racing Team.  We’ve been blow away with how much fun being on a team has been and how much having others to race and train with has helped take team members’ race performance to the next level.

That is why in 2016, in addition to our Elite Racing Team, we are creating a racing team for individuals that are looking to be a part of something A-M-A-Z-I-N-G…The UtahRunning.com Racing Team!!

If you are interested in joining our
UtahRunning.com Racing Team,
Here are the requirements:

Submit a race result time (5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon) that is in the 70th percentile or above when age-graded (race result must be within the last two years)
— “How do I know if my race result is in the 70th percentile or above when age-graded?”… Go to this Age-Grade Calculator to calculate your result (http://www.heartbreakhill.org/age_graded.htm)

Willing to participate in at least 6 Utah races throughout the year wearing the highly visible, super-duper fast looking, UtahRunning.com Racing Tank

Pay Team Fee of $20

Team Application:
To apply to be a part of the UtahRunning.com Racing Team fill out the application below…
UtahRunning.com 2016 Racing Team Application

What are the benefits of being on the team?

 Technical Racing Tank

 Camaraderie among teammates, support system, motivation to perform to the best of your ability to help achieve the goals of the team

 Access to advice from Elite Team Members via Facebook Group Page

 Recognition, notoriety, and the opportunity to represent a group that holds themselves to a high standard

 Opportunity to participate in team activities and group runs

 Opportunity to attend the Kick-off Party and End of Year Awards Banquet

 Discounted pricing for UtahRunning.com races and Free entrance into UtahRunning.com clinics

Join UtahRunning.com Racing Team today and prepare yourself for the FUN and SUCCESS you will find as you rub shoulders with the best running/racing group Utah has to offer!

UtahRunning.com 2016 Racing Team Application

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Can Runners Benefit from The Paleo Diet?


By Rodney Hansen

In my first article of Return of a Has Been Runner, my fifth tip addressed adequate nutrition and avoiding fad diets, detox, and restrictive diets.  A popular restrictive diet that many runners are trying is Paleolithic Nutrition, the Paleo Diet, or the “Caveman Diet.”  The basis of this diet is that the present day human needs to eat like our ancestors did 10,000 years ago.

The basic claim of Paleolithic Nutrition is that we humans are not designed or have not evolved to eat the present day foods, especially foods produced through conventional farming.  Read More….

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by on Dec.07, 2015, under Utah Running

Female Runner Spotlight

Lauren Morin

Age:    24

Current residence: Ogden, UT

Occupation: Striders Running Manager

Running background: After watching my parents complete several marathons, I was inspired to start running after high school. I figured I needed a way to stay fit post cheerleading days.

PR’s: Marathon 3:30;  Ogden Valley 50 Miler (Road 50) 8:55; Skyline 50 Miler (Trail 50) 12:26;

Wasatch Front 100 (29:34) 

Tell us about your recent experience completing your first 100 miles at the Wasatch 100.  What were some of the highlights?  What parts or aspects of the race were most challenging? How did crossing the finish line completing 100 miles compare to the feeling of finishing shorter distance races? Read More….

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by on Dec.07, 2015, under Utah Running

Interview with Golden Harper

Golden Harper
Local Utah running prodigy and entrepreneur, Golden Harper, is one of the founders of Altra Running Shoes, the first cushioned Zero Drop™ running shoes on the market (cushioning in the shoe no longer dropping from the heel down to forefoot).  What started as a small startup company in 2009, has turned into a thriving establishment and an explosion of a new line of running shoes. Read More….

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by on Dec.07, 2015, under Utah Running

Tim Speicher

Tim Speicher – PhD | Athletic Trainer | Strength and Conditioning Specialist | Positional Release Therapist | Biomechanist – Gait Analysis

Dr. Tim Speicher, PhD, ATC, LAT, CSCS, PRT is an Athletic Trainer (AT), Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Positional Release Therapist (PRT). He completed his B.S. at Towson University in 1995 and received his graduate training from Marshall University in 1998. In 2010, he completed his doctoral degree in Adult Learning from the University of Connecticut. Dr. Speicher has worked in a variety of clinical environments with various populations and age groups. These have included amateur, high school, collegiate, in and outpatient rehabilitation, industrial and Olympic settings. Dr. Speicher has gained a majority of his clinical experience with Division I athletics, including track and field and soccer. Most notably, he served as a Medical Supervisor for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games for Long Track Speed Skating. He is founder and owner of the Positional Release Therapy Institute, a company that provides positional release therapy and gait analysis for patients and instruction, training and certification in positional release therapy for health care practitioners. Dr. Speicher’s clinical expertise and research is in positional release therapy, therapeutic modalities, biomechanical or gait analysis, orthotic prescription and fabrication, pedagogy and transfer of learning. He has published and presented his work nationally and internationally. Dr. Speicher has been a competitive runner, collegiate athlete and is currently a competitive cyclist for a team in Utah. He enjoys skiing, mountaineering and rock and ice climbing in his free time.

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by on Jun.03, 2015, under Utah Running

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