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Coffee? Good, bad? With/Without caffeine? before a run?

Expert Panel Question???

Question: “Coffee? Good, bad? With/Without caffeine? before a run?”

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To caffeinate or not?

Many runners enjoy a cup of coffee before running or racing and the current research shows that this may enhance performance. Though the exact mechanism of action is not known, current theories suggest that caffeine may alter our perceived exertion, such that we are able to run harder without feeling that our effort level has changed OR caffeine may directly stimulate the neural activation of muscle. Whatever the mechanism, ingesting small amounts of caffeine before and during endurance exercise may give you an added boost. While some is good, more is not necessarily better. Improved performance and concentration can be seen with as little as 1 mg caffeine per kg of body weight. For example, for a 170 pound runner (77.3kg), consuming ~75-80mg caffeine (about the amount in an 8oz brewed cup of coffee) would do the trick. If you are not a coffee drinker, coffee in the morning may act as a diuretic and other sources of caffeine (sport nutrition products) may be a better option. (Many gels, and sport drinks/bars now contain caffeine).

In general, caffeine can be a good thing for us …remember that anything to excess can become dangerous, but up to 400mg of caffeine per day is considered safe and healthful.

by Kristi Spence MS, RD, CD Sports Dietitian

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5 responses to “Coffee? Good, bad? With/Without caffeine? before a run?”

  1. Julian Alvarez says:

    Thanks that helps a lot, just wanted to be sure it wasn’t bad, turns out it’s good, and god for you. I do not drink soda but i heard its bad because of the amount of sugar, and that carbonation is not bad for you?

  2. Just last year, I started drinking a cup of coffee before races. I must say, that I like it.

  3. […] article is also a response to the Coffee? Good, bad? With/Without caffeine? before a run? […]

  4. Jeff Rocco says:

    1mg/kg is a good place to start for caffeine neophytes, but doses as high as 3-9mg/kg may be necessary to see a significant performance effect. Individual responses to caffeine vary greatly. You may want to experiment to find what amount of caffeine works for you.
    Caffeine has many well documented effects which may benefit endurance athletes. A thorough discussion of caffeine and its effects may be found here:
    Race day coffee works for me.

  5. I was contemplating buying a coffee bean grinder, but there’s so many different things to consider, many of which I’ve never even heard of before, things like: How long does it take to grind the coffee beans? Can I grind a lot of beans at one time? Is the coffee grinder electric or manual? Is the grinder a space saver? How many coarness levels does the grinder have, ie; fine, ultrafine or coarse, medium coarseness. How was the cost of a grinder? What is difference in the most expensive grinder to the less expensive grinders? Can you use any flavor of coffee to grind? Does the coffee bean grinder come attached to a coffee maker? Will the coffee grinder have a any type of timer- along with a automatic turn off mechanism?

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