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Female Runner Spotlight

Lauren Morin

Age:    24

Current residence: Ogden, UT

Occupation: Striders Running Manager

Running background: After watching my parents complete several marathons, I was inspired to start running after high school. I figured I needed a way to stay fit post cheerleading days.

PR’s: Marathon 3:30;  Ogden Valley 50 Miler (Road 50) 8:55; Skyline 50 Miler (Trail 50) 12:26;

Wasatch Front 100 (29:34) 

Tell us about your recent experience completing your first 100 miles at the Wasatch 100.  What were some of the highlights?  What parts or aspects of the race were most challenging? How did crossing the finish line completing 100 miles compare to the feeling of finishing shorter distance races?

 When my name was drawn out of the lottery for Wasatch, I was terrified! I went into training optimistically naive. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Completing the race was the most wonderful feeling in the world! The course is absolutely beautiful. It’s incredible how many people volunteer to support the race. I had the best crew and pacers out there! The hardest part of the race was staying awake… and my feet! They were a blistered mess by mile 75.  Finishing 100 miles is amazing because you truly push your body to its limits. It’s unbelievable what the body is capable of. 

What do you feel contributed to your success in your debut 100 mile race?

 I went into the race very well rested.  Race day was hot and I started out very slow.  I had the best pacers to keep me motivated to keep moving!

Tell us about your race nutrition.  What types of food did you eat and what strategies did you implement to make sure you stay refueled throughout the race?

Tailwind was my drink of choice. It saved me throughout the heat of the day. My food of choice was Cheese pizza and Cheetos.

Training regimen/schedule leading up to your race (weekly mileage, types of workouts, when you
fit it in):

My high mile weeks were only 50-60 miles with at least 10,000’ of climbing. The week leading up to the race I didn’t even run a step. I was VERY well rested.

Favorite place to run:

I love all of the wonderful trails in Ogden close to home.

Favorite pre-race meal and post-race drink:

Pre-race meal: Noodles and Co. Macaroni and Cheese.

 Post-race food/drink: Taco Time Crisp Bean Burrito and Chocolate Milk

Favorite race distance:

The longer, the better. “Those that don’t run fast, run far.” –unknown  

Why run (motivation, inspiration):

So I can eat whatever I want! I love a challenge.

Favorite quote or best advice you’ve been given as a runner:

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”  –unknown 

Advice you would give to other aspiring runners:

You are capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to.

 Anyone can become a runner.


*I told myself I would only run Wasatch 100 once….But I am sure I will be back.

*Complete an Ironman with my dad.

*Have fun!

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