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Five Things to do While Injured

by: Preston Johnson

Being injured is tough. Not being able to get out the door and run, or feel the pavement beneath your feet as you run, the breeze on your face as you fly down the road, or even the strain in your legs as you finish a hard workout. It can be both mentally and physically debilitating. As I go through setbacks in running I try to focus on five rules I have set for myself to help me through the injury.

1. Get Healthy: This first one is pretty obvious, but you would be surprised how often it is forgotten. Being injured often means more than just not running, it means taking a break from anything that causes discomfort to your injury.
It also means taking the necessary steps to getting healthy, if your injury requires physical therapy get it, if your muscles need a sports massage you need to get one, if you need to be on crutches make sure you use them consistently. Injuries don’t just magically disappear so make sure to introduce them to the treatments that will be of the most benefit.

2. Learn How to Cross Train: I find injuries to be difficult for several reasons but first and foremost for me is the idea of losing the fitness I worked so hard to acquire while running. Learning to cross train can be different for each injury due to the fact that each injury is onset by different mechanisms. Biking may be good for some injuries but be counterproductive for other injuries. The biggest lie people will tell you when you are injured is that you will lose fitness. Yes, its a possibility, but the real outcome is up to you. My goal when injured is always to come back as fit as before I was injured, it may take extra time in the gym but it can be done. Be creative with cross training, there are lots of options to staying in shape while taking time off of running.

3. Learn a new hobby: The possibilities are endless and that should be exciting. Not being able to run may mean that you have a little bit of extra time, why not fill it with something? Learning a new hobby will help take your mind off the injury and may even lead to finding another activity that you love.

4. Be Positive: Being positive is the key to surviving your injury. Being injured can be depressing but only if you allow it to. At first it may take forcing yourself to think positively but as time progresses it will become a habit. Creating this habit will make all of the things we have mentioned above a lot easier to do. Going through injuries are never fun, but they make you a better runner for surviving them.

5. Never Give Up: Just as you have learned from your many training runs, success never comes easy. No matter what setback you have thrown at you, you can conquer it, because you are a runner and runners endure. Be patient and consistent in your rehab.

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