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Foot Pain! What’s Wrong?

Expert Panel Questions???

“12 Days before Marathon, I have had pain on the bottom of my foot (arch area) for about 1 week. I am stressing mentally :) Any suggestions on what I should do would be appreciated.”

“I ran a half marathon the other day. About 12 hours after I finished, the outside of my foot started hurting. It’s the bottom of the foot on the opposite side of the arch. It has not stopped hurting since, especially when I walk. What is this?”

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The short answer to these two questions may be accumulated stress from training at increased intensity and volume of marathon preparation. Damage done to your tissues has exceeded your body’s ability to recover and heal itself. These issues are discussed in “Why does my heel hurt during the power phase of training?” Mechanics out of alignment or a worn-out or improper shoe may exacerbate stresses on the foot. Consider revisiting my article on how to select the correct running shoe.

Regarding why the lateral side of the foot is sore after a run–The short answer here is that you are running on the lateral side of your foot. You may have a cavus (high arch) foot and naturally run on the lateral side of your foot. Running in a stability shoe or using a rigid, high-arch orthotic will make you run more on the lateral side of your foot. Alternatively, you may have a planus (low arch) foot. In this case your shoe may not have enough stability and your posterior tibial tendon may be sore. Your body then tries to protect the posterior tibial tendon by activating the anterior tibial tendon, which inverts the foot and causes you to run on the lateral side of your foot.

Revisit the running shoe article and think hard about what type of foot you have. If pain is not improving, you may have a stress fracture, and you should seek treatment and have an xray.

By Jeffrey Rocco, M.D. Rocco Foot and Ankle Institute 801-644-8795

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One response to “Foot Pain! What’s Wrong?”

  1. Terry Smith says:

    The most likely answer for the pain in the medial arch and then lateral in the lateral or outside portion of your foot is first fasciitis and then a compensating suppination away from the tender arch ligament causing a cuboid syndrome. Neither of these conditions will show on an x-ray but are a clinical diagnosis. Over training, worn out or inappropriate shoes, unstable foot type and overweight status maybe underlying causes

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