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Hydrosleeve – Product Review

UtahRunning.com: We’re here with Justin Lynch today, the CEO of a new Utah-based company called Hydrosleeve. He’s invented a product that we here at UtahRunning.com think is going to rock the world of runners. Justin, WELCOME! Tell us the basics – what is Hydrosleeve?

Justin, Hydrosleeve: The Hydrosleeve is a hands-free hydration system for your upper arm. It comfortably fits a runner with just the right amount of water. It allows a runner to sip water while running without breaking stride

UR: Cool concept! We like it. How did you come up with it?

Justin, Hydrosleeve: During a 5k out at Thanksgiving point I grabbed a little cup of water at my check point, which threw off my stride, but that little bit of water was necessary to keep me going. That night I tried a few different designs and realized that the upper arm is a great place to carry the perfect amount of water for shorter and mid-distance events. So I made an armband, strapped a little baggy of water to my arm, and the idea was born.

UR: Ha! So it’s true, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Simple yet brilliant. You’re going to have everyone saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Tell us about the materials used for the Hydrosleeve – the outside and bladder. You didn’t go cheapo did ya?!

Justin, Hydrosleeve: Not at all, the materials are high quality synthetics. The outside is the same high grade synthetic suede that you will find on running shoes. Super light-weight and very durable. We also use a micro-velcro on the strap that is comfortable and will not cause chaffing.

UR: Sweet. How do you clean it?
Justin, Hydrosleeve: The sleeve can be hand washed in cold water and just hang to dry. Pretty simple!
UR: Nice. So who is this product perfect for? Hard core runners? Newbies?

Justin, Hydrosleeve: Good question, The Hydrosleeve is basically for anyone with an active lifestyle. It can be used for a short or mid-distance running, hiking, walking. Anytime you want a little water and don’t want to carry it on your hand, waist or back. When designing Hydrosleeve I actually had the average runner in mind. I’m an average runner and normally go 3-6 miles, so it was perfect for what I needed, and I’m confident it will become indispensable to many other runners like me once they check it out.

UR: Speaking of YOU… tell us more about yourself. Where are you from? Why do you enjoy being a Utah Runner?

Justin, Hydrosleeve: Well I grew up in San Jose , CA. I came to Utah to go to school at Utah Valley University. I have always been into fitness. Going to the gym, drinking protein shakes, looking good for the ladies. Back in January of 2008, I remember signing up for a triathlon on a whim. Suddenly I had three weeks to train. That was when I got hooked on triathlons and running. Utah is so awesome for training. Best scenery and such an active race scene.

UR: Well we’re glad to have you here in the Beehive State! Where do you see your future and the future of Hydrosleeve?

Justin, Hydrosleeve: Utah is an awesome place for business. With the support of the community, I would love to grow Hydrosleeve to a global company. I have a long road ahead but I am super excited for the challenge. I want Hydrosleeve to be a common name in the running industry. There are hydration belts, hydration backpacks, handhelds, and the HYDROSLEEVE! I think it will fit in perfectly, and help a lot of runners.

UR: Fantastic. We’re super excited to see you launch this, and to support a local guy making a product to better the lives of runners everywhere! So where can people get their own Hydrosleeve, and how much is it?

Justin, Hydrosleeve: Right now we have launched on a crowdfunding site called Indiegogo. The retail price for the Hydrosleeve will be $49, but if you go to www.indiegogo.com/hydrosleeve, you can pre-order for a 40% discount. You can get the Hydrosleeve for $30. We are trying to get as many pre-orders as possible to help us with our first big order from the manufacturer. The Hydrosleeve will be ready by the end of June.

UR: An early-summer treat! That’s awesome. We LOVE your video there on that site.

** HEY RUNNERS: Justin and the team at Hydrosleeve have generously offered to hook up 5 lucky fans with a free Hydrosleeve! Go to our Facebook Page for the details on how to enter, before Tuesday the 26th. It’s super easy, and you’ll be helping to spread the word about fantastic locally-invented gear. Justin, thank you for your time today! We appreciate you telling us all about Hydrosleeve, and we wish you the best of success in this awesome biz!


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