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Making Time to Run on Your Summer Vacations

This time of year many runners are loading up their swimming trunks, sunscreen, sandals and heading out on vacation. Excitement about being on vacation has probably kept you up a few nights. Well, the day is here…did you pack your running shoes?

It’s racing season folks. You’ve been training for a race I’m sure and now you are staring at a week that will surely cut into your fitness if you don’t run.

I know what you’re thinking: “But Brad, even you know how darned hard it is to get out running while on vacation!” With an attitude like that, you bet your farmer’s tan it’s hard to get out. But then you’ll be missing out on the most memorable runs.

I absolutely love running while on vacation. You don’t remember tons of your day to day runs, but bet your bottom GU pack you remember the runs you take on vacation. It’s new, and a great time to get a new best on a course.

Just like at home, running is just part of my day. You’ll never have time unless you make time.
A good tip is to get it out of the way early. The longer you wait the harder it is to get a run in. Getting up 30 minutes early will work wonders kids.

“But Brad!” You cry. “Where will I run? I mean, I’m from out of town.” Well, for this one you’re on your own. But be creative. I ran 3 two mile loops around Arizona Mills Mall in Phoenix when it was 112 degrees. (Hotel’s treadmill was out of order) I ran at a cemetery in Center Valley, PA. A park in St. Louis. A country road in Virginia. Next to the beach in the Riviera Maya. All over the Abajo Mountains in southern Utah. Amber and I even ran a 10 miler on the Kern River Pathway in Bakersfield. The world is your oyster…even in Bakersfield. This country of ours has so many beautiful places to run if you just take the time.

Or, check out: http://www.usatf.org/routes/. There should be many runs in any city you could ever hope to be in.

If you can’t get out on the roads, by all means, use the hotel treadmill you uncreative sucker.

Now I realize you are on vacation. It’s about being with your family and friends. Be flexible. You may miss a run or two. You’ll live. But if you just take a little time planning, your running shouldn’t skip a beat. And hopefully you, like I have, will find out how much fun it is to run on vacation.

by Brad Anderson – Inspirational Runner | Has raced from the front & the back of the pack | Voted “Most Comical Sense of Humor” by UtahRunning.com

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