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Postpartum Exercise Part 3: Janae’s Training Log Week 1

"Double the fun!" (Do you sense the sarcasm)

**To view the printable version of a simple postpartum training plan go to Postpartum Training Plan


Week 1: October 17-23, 2011

 Monday 10/23/11

Planned Workout:

  • 30 minute brisk walk
  • Strengthening Exercises: push ups (2 x 10 reps), triceps dips (2 x 10 reps), leg lifts (2 x 15 reps), bridge-squeezers (30 reps), bridge-thigh abductors (30 reps), side planks (hold for 30 seconds each side)

Actual Workout:

  • 42 minute brisk walk pushing double jogger
  • Strengthening exercises: push ups (2 x 10 reps), triceps dips (2 x 10 reps), leg lifts (2 x 15 reps), bridge-squeezers (30 reps), bridge-thigh abductors (30 reps), side planks (hold for 30 seconds each side)
  • I went for a walk around 11 am. It took some time getting out the door, but we did it.  I made sure Teague (newborn) was fed before we left and that Raelee (2 years old) had a stash of animal crackers to munch on while I pushed the two of them in our double jogger.  It was a beautiful day and it felt good to get outside and enjoy it.  Both the kiddos did pretty well for the duration.  Teague was getting a little restless by the end and cried the last seven minutes or so of the walk home.  I passed a couple of people who were out enjoying the weather as well and I could see in their faces they were thinking “That mom needs to get her children under control”.  Overall, I enjoyed the walk despite the fact that my legs were screaming—“run!”

 Tuesday 10/24/11

Planned Workout:

  • Yoga

Actual Workout:

  • Yoga 30 minutes
  • Teague woke up at 5 am to eat and by the time I fed him and got him back to sleep it was 6 am.  Since I was fully awake at that point, and since the silence of kids sleeping was ringing in my ears, I decided it was probably a good time to fit in my Baron Baptiste Level 1 30 minute Yoga DVD.  Nothing like a yoga DVD to help you realize how not strong and flexible you are.  J  However, the rest of the day went pretty good.  I think knowing I had already got my workout in lifted my spirits.

Wednesday 10/25/11

Planned Workout:

  • 40 minute brisk walk
  • Strengthening exercises: static doorway (2 x 30 seconds), full body clench (3 x 15 seconds), squats (2 x 30 reps), push ups (2 x 10 reps), triceps dips (2 x 10 reps)

Actual Workout:

  • Running around at the State Cross Country meet
  • I had planned to go for a walk today, but I decided to swap it to Friday since I was going to be spending a good portion of my day at the State Cross Country meet atSugarHousePark.  I still got a little bit of a workout in while running around watching the races.  It was my first experience with running since I last attempted it at 7 months pregnant.  I definitely felt lighter, but my lungs were screaming at me after only a few minutes of running.  It’s funny because the whole reason I was running was so I could beat the runners to the next spot and cheer for them, but I was so out of breath when I got there I could barely talk.

Thursday 10/26/11

Planned Workout:

  • Yoga

Actual Workout:

  • Yoga 40 minutes
  • My mom was visiting, so we did the Baron Baptiste Level 2 Yoga DVD together.  I like this one because it makes you hold the poses long enough that your muscles feel like they are on fire!  Raelee was awake, so of course she wanted to do yoga too.  We had to “share” a yoga mat and just when I thought I had had enough of her “downward facing dog” bum in my face, she lost interest and went and played in her room.

Friday 10/27/11

Planned Workout:

  • 5-7 minutes of abs and strengthening exercises: planks-sides and middle, supermans, boat, leg lifts, clams, squeezers, regulars, sides, scissors, V’s

Actual Workout:

  • 30 minute brisk walk with a couple of unplanned bouts of running
  • Earlier in the day I headed out the door with the kids to go for a walk.  However, when I got out to the garage I found the jogger had a flat tire.  “Of course!” I said to myself (I seriously have the worst luck with flat tires.  A couple of years ago I went on a mountain bike ride on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and ended up with not one flat tire, but both the front and back tire flat.  It was sure fun carrying my bike all the way down the mountain.  I believe this was the beginning of my flat tire bad luck because I have had a million flats since then.).  I ended up going for a walk by myself when Ken got home from work.  It was 5:35 pm when I left the house and Ken was suppose to be somewhere by 6 pm, so it was going to be a short walk.  I decided to do a loop up on the trails, but since I don’t have any concept of how long it takes to walk a certain distance it ended up taking me quite a bit longer.  I ran a couple of times to try to get home faster.  It felt good to run and at the same time it didn’t feel good J.

Saturday 10/28/11

Planned Workout:

  • 50-60 minute brisk walk

Actual Workout:

  • 70 minute hike
  • Today I went for a hike with my friend Megan.  Ken watched the kids for me, so it was nice not worrying about them and being able to have an un-interrupted conversation with Megan.  We parked one car at the Fernwood trail head (trail head aboveLayton) and one car at the Vita Course trail head (trail head above Kaysville).  We hiked from the Vita Course trail head to the Fernwood trailhead, which is about 4 miles.  The weather was once again beautiful and the fall colors were vibrant.  I was glad I took advantage of the weather and the trails today.

by Janae Richardson – Runner | Coach

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3 responses to “Postpartum Exercise Part 3: Janae’s Training Log Week 1”

  1. Brooke Alderks says:

    I am impressed. I will have to put a link to your blog when I am ready to get back into shape. Quite impressed.
    Congrats on your baby by the way:)


  2. Tiffany says:

    This came just in the nick of time! I just had my 5th baby a month ago and have been trying to start exercising again. It’s nice to see that my kids aren’t the only ones that really shake up my plans! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks Tiffany! Working out with kids is tough. I can’t imagine being a mother of five and trying to make it work. That is what I call inspirational! It is so important though. Even with all the craziness, I feel like being able to work out makes me a better mom.

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