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Postpartum Exercise Part 6: Janae’s Training Log Week 4

 It was good to get some more “running” time in this week.  I felt stronger and overall better on my runs.  I think a lot of it had to do with having a running buddy to talk to and take my mind off the pain during each workout.  I finally feel like the time and effort I’ve put in over the last few weeks is starting to pay off.  The human body really is amazing how it can adapt and progress from the stress that is put on it.

**Go to  http://blog.utahrunning.com/postpartum-exercise-part-2-training-plan/ for a printable version of the postpartum training plan

**See RUN UTAH’s  April/May issue page 15 “4 For Core”and  June/July issue page 17 “Simple Strengthening Exercises” for some sample strengthening exercises

WEEK 4: Nov 7-13, 2011

 Monday 11/7/11                                                                                               daily mileage: 5

  • 10 minutes of brisk walking. 25 minutes of running. 10 minutes of walking.
  • Strengthening exercises: bridge squeezers (30 reps), bridge thigh abductors (30 reps)
  • We met up today with some friends (Riley and Amy) in St. George for a week long vacation.   I have really been looking forward to this.  By the time we made it to St. George (and because of daylight savings) it was already starting to get dark when I headed out the door for my workout.  The air was slightly chilly and my legs felt cold, but once the blood started flowing I was fine.  From the condo, there isn’t a great direction to run.  Basically, the only place to go is to run along side the busy, noisy highway.  Not ideal, but I’ll take being able to go for a workout along a crazy road without pushing kids in a jogger any day.  I did the initial brisk walk and couldn’t help but look at my watch every couple of minutes to see if it had been ten minutes yet.  My body was antsy to run.  It’s funny how even though I’ve enjoyed the brisk walking within my training plan, I don’t feel like my workout has actually begun until I’m running.  The first half of my run I felt slow and sluggish, but I was running uphill.  The way back was better.  I actually felt like I was moving at a decent pace.  The cool down walk felt good.  My hips, butt, and back felt pretty good.  I’m still feeling the pinched nerve in my butt (at least that’s what I think it is), but it seems to have gone down in intensity since last week.

Tuesday 11/8/11

  • Yoga Baron Baptiste Level 2 DVD
  • I had a hard time holding some of the poses for some reason today.  I was doing it without my yoga mat, so maybe that was the difference.  I had an idea during the DVD today though.  I think my new goal is to be able to get through the DVD without making a mistake—holding all the poses for the entire time without falling.  That would be pretty cool.

Wednesday 11/9/11                                                                                          daily mileage: 5 

  • 52 minutes total. 10 min brisk walk. 30 min running. 12 min brisk walk.
  • Strengthening exercises: push ups (2 x 10 reps), triceps dips (2 x 10 reps), leg lifts (2 x 15 reps), clams (2 x 15 reps), bridge-squeezers (30 reps), bridge-thigh abductors (30 reps), side planks (hold for 30 seconds each side)
  • This week has been nice.  Not only has the weather in St. George been perfect to run in, but I haven’t had to push the jogger on any of my runs so far.  I could get used to my husband being around all the time.  Plus, I’ve had a running buddy this week too.  We are spending the week with friends so I’ve been able to run with my friend Amy.  Nothing like good conversation to take my mind off of how out of shape I am.  Today we ran on some trails with the beautiful desert views around us.  Good stuff!

Thursday 11/10/11                                                                                          daily mileage: 4

  • 31 minutes of running.
  • Strengthening exercises: static doorway (2 x 30 seconds), full body clench (3 x 15 seconds), lunges-forward, backward, plie (10 reps on each leg), push ups (2 x 10 reps), triceps dips (2 x 10 reps)—push ups and triceps dips are getting a lot easier…yeah!
  • Today Amy and I went and ran on a paved pathway.  I was picturing a flat pathway along a winding river, but instead this path had some steep climbs through some rolling hills.  My legs felt like lead.  I was pretty tight and sore in my hips/butt today.  I think I am feeling the two running days in a row.  Ken and I gave each other a good rub out and that seemed to help loosen things up a bit.

Friday 11/11/11 (now that doesn’t happen very often!)

  • Yoga Baron Baptiste Level 1 DVD—30 minutes
  • An hour bike ride on the trails in St. George!
  • It was nice to have a break from running today.  Yoga felt good and then the bike ride was awesome.  The trails in St. George are so fun.  It was good to get out and do something with Ken.  We laughed that it is November and we are just getting out for our first mountain bike ride of the season.  Sad, but true.  One down side to having kids—working out together is rare.

Saturday 11/12/11                                                                                             daily mileage: 6

  • 64 minutes total.  19 min brisk walk. 35 min run. 10 min brisk walk.
  • The boys (Ken and Riley) were doing their long run in the morning and then Ken and I were planning on heading home soon after that.  So, Amy and I opted to push the kids in the joggers in order to get our workout in.  We drove to another paved pathway for our run (this one WAS by a winding river and for the most part flat—thank goodness!).  It was crazy getting the kids, and joggers, and car seats, and diaper bags out the door but we finally did.  Then when we got to the pathway Teague woke up and I had to feed him so he would last through the workout.  Thankfully Amy was easy going and cool with hanging out until me AND my kids were ready to run.  We walked for 19 minutes, ran for 35 minutes, and walked for 10 minutes.  I really enjoyed this run.  The weather was perfect.  I actually felt strong and my breathing seemed under control even with pushing the double jogger.  It was just what I needed.  It was nice to have the week end on a good note.  I’m looking forward to running more next week.


by Janae Richardson – Runner | USATF Certified Coach

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4 responses to “Postpartum Exercise Part 6: Janae’s Training Log Week 4”

  1. Bret Ferrier says:


    I see that you took a day off on Friday to go biking. I have been getting into biking a bit more lately and was just wondering on what your take was on how much longer it takes to get an equivalent workout on a bike.

  2. Jared says:

    We are impressed that you include the family in this process. It sounds like a lot of work (including them) Do you involve them for motivation, or are they required to come? (no sitter, etc)

  3. Jared,

    With my husband working full time and running a considerable amount of mileage himself, the best time for me to fit in a run is during the day with my kids. Right now that either means fitting in a run on the treadmill while they nap (this only works if the stars align and both of them end up sleeping at the same time) or pushing them in the double jogger. I could get a sitter, but for some reason I feel guilty doing this. Although it makes the run harder, I like having the kids with me in the jogger and knowing they are content and safe. Because I start them in the jogger at such a young age and do it often, they are both very content to ride. My three year hold does motivate me while we run. The other day I was pushing them up a hill and said out loud “I hate hills” and my three year old started chanting…”go mom, go. you can do it!” It gave me a boost of energy.

  4. Hey Bret,

    Good to hear from you. Sorry for the slow response. Jack Daniels, an expert exercise physiologist, says this about cross training: “If your legs are involved, such as in cycling, water running, cross-country skiing, and the like, count the time spent at the desired heart rates as equal to two thirds of that amount of time spent running.” So, for example, if you are replacing an hour run with a bike ride you would need to go 1/3 longer than you would running 60 minutes. Since 20 minutes is 1/3 of 60 minutes then an 80 minute bike ride at a steady heart rate or pace would be equivalent to your run. Another way to figure it would be to count 1 mile of running for every 10 minutes of biking. Again, your biking pace has to be pretty steady for this to be equivalent. Hope this helps.

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