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Run Utah Magazine Spring 2018

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Training & Racing: Tips for Stepping Up to a New Race Distance

by Lisa VanDyke

I sat down with the Wasatch Running Center crew in Centerville, and got some expert opinions on how to prepare for a new, longer race distance:

When stepping up to a longer race distance, the basics of running stay the same. Following a plan and building up incrementally, recovering well between hard training efforts, and training your mind to see the finish line are all of utmost importance. The longer the distance, the more variables that come into play. Small issues that may cause minor annoyance on a 5k or 10k, can wreak havoc on a longer distance race. READ MORE

Health Nutrition: Lots-O-Protein Chicken Salad

by Lisa VanDyke

This is a great dish that is fresh and filling, and can be served many ways. It packs a punch with lots of protein to keep you feeling satisfied as well as aid in muscle repair.

It is also a meal you can make with leftovers! Sometimes I will purposely cook an extra chicken breast for my Sunday meal in the crockpot, and save it for Monday’s chicken salad. Quinoa is a food that preserves well in the freezer, so I will often take one cup portions of this grain and freeze them in sandwich baggies for future meals. It thaws quickly and has no texture differences after freezing, the way that rice or pasta can… READ MORE

Injury Prevention: #1 Exercise Routine that Every Runner Should Know – Prevent Injuries, Eliminate Pain, Run Forever!

by Janae Richardson

In 1996, Paul Pilkington found himself in Mexico.  By this point in Paul’s running career, he had made quite a name for himself.  Originally from a small town in Idaho, Paul had run track at Southern Idaho and then eventually at Weber State in Ogden, UT, where he earned All-American honors in the steeplechase.  After college he began teaching and coaching and supplemented his teacher salary by winning prize money in road races. He stepped onto the world-class scene when he won both the Houston Marathon in 1990 and the Los Angeles marathon in 1994.  He ultimately ended up being a four-time Olympic Trials qualifier and in 1995 was a member of the United States Track and Field Team representing the United States at the World Championships in Gothenburg Sweden. At this point in his career, Paul had gone to Mexico to train with Mark Plaatjes, who was the World Champion in the marathon in 1993.  Both of them were training hard as they prepared for the next marathon Olympic Trials. As they met up on this one particular day for another intense training session, Paul couldn’t help but complain to his training partner about the pain in his hamstring that had been lingering for several days now. Mark, who was also a physical therapist, said he had a hip alignment exercise that many were using in their PT clinics that would maybe help.  So, he had Paul lay down on this back while he pulled and tugged on his leg in a few unique ways before having Paul stand back up. Paul felt some immediate relief in his hamstring and within a few days everything felt back to normal… READ MORE

Runner Spotlight: Donna Corcoran

Meet Donna Corcoran, 63, training for her first half marathon! She is a transplant from the east coast, and says she fell in love with the climate and the views in Utah. She takes full advantage of the natural beauty Northern Utah has to offer by skiing, golfing, cycling, or running on a daily basis. She ran a 5k a couple of years ago, and since then has decided to go further… READ MORE

Runner Spotlight: Meg Nilson

Meg Nilsson, 36, is also racing a new distance – a 50 miler! She is making her step up to the ultra distance at the Bryce Canyon Ultra Events in June. After running a handful of road marathons, Meg found she was drawn to trails. She was not really planning on racing again, but in February 2017 her mom passed away, and Meg fell into a depression. She decided she needed a new goal to work toward, and convinced her brother to sign up for the race with her.

She is preparing by running 5-6 days a week, running back-to-back long runs, hills, weekly speed workouts, and some weight conditioning…READ MORE



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