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Runner Spotlight: Donna Corcoran & Meg Nilson

Meet Donna Corcoran, 63, training for her first half marathon! She is a transplant from the east coast, and says she fell in love with the climate and the views in Utah. She takes full advantage of the natural beauty Northern Utah has to offer by skiing, golfing, cycling, or running on a daily basis.

She ran a 5k a couple of years ago, and since then has decided to go further. The 2018 Ogden Half Marathon is her goal race, and she is looking forward to some gentle downhill through the scenic Ogden Canyon. She is preparing by following a plan, and paying attention to all the details. She also has a 10K scheduled in the middle of her training cycle to gauge her preparedness.Her support system includes some great friends, as well as her husband who has run several marathons himself. She is also quite versed in finding social support online, and loves to hear the personal experiences of others who have completed 13.1 races. One of her strategies for getting her training runs done is running to her appointments. There is no turning back when you have somewhere to be!

“It’s not all about running distances but also cross training and resting as well warmups and cool downs to avoid injuries. I also do a lot of yoga.“ -Donna Corcoran

Runner Spotlight: Meg Nilson

Meg Nilsson, 36, is also racing a new distance – a 50 miler! She is making her step up to the ultra distance at the Bryce Canyon Ultra Events in June. After running a handful of road marathons, Meg found she was drawn to trails. She was not really planning on racing again, but in February 2017 her mom passed away, and Meg fell into a depression. She decided she needed a new goal to work toward, and convinced her brother to sign up for the race with her.

She is preparing by running 5-6 days a week, running back-to-back long runs, hills, weekly speed workouts, and some weight conditioning. So far on her journey, although the BTB long runs are “killer”, she has found that time outside to be healing. She stated, “there are not a lot of problems that can’t be thought through in 4.5 hours on a trail by yourself, and I can still do hard things.”

She is still building her certitude in completing the new distance, and said, “I’m not totally confident I can finish yet and I think that is a good thing. That was sort of the point for me picking a longer distance. I need to be nervous so I keep training hard.”

Megan’s journey to running, and even walking, has not been easy. At the age of just two, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. After having her first child, she was in constant pain and required the aid of a cane to walk. After five years of of searching, she was finally able to find a doctor who could help her control the disorder. She remembers crying tears of joy the first time she was able to jog down her block. She also remembers Mile 24 of her first marathon; a moment of severe pain but also intense gratuity that the pain was for a reason. Running has given her strength and control over her body.

“Trying for something much harder than you think you are capable of can be validating all by itself.” -Megan Nilsson


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