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Here is a list of running clubs in Utah.  Many of these clubs have organized group runs on a regular basis.  Another option is to check with your local running stores.  They would be able to provide you with additional information regarding training group options in your area.

Sage to SuMMit

Nibley, UT



Sun and Snow Runners

Logan, UT


Golden Spike Track Club

Brigham City, UT



Ogden Running Club (ORCS)

Ogden, UT



South Weber Wind Runners

South Weber, UT


Summit Busters

Kaysville, UT


South Davis Road Runners

Davis County



Northern Utah Triathletes

Davis County



Salt Lake City Track Club




Salt Lake City Jeff Galloway

Salt Lake City, UT



USA Track and Field-Utah




Wasatch Athletics

Murray, UT

(801) 288-9555

Sojourners Running Club

Orem, UT


St. George Running Club

St. George, UT







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Should I run a half marathon before a marathon?

Expert Panel Question???


“I’m planning on running the Ogden Marathon this May and am wondering about racing beforehand. Particularly, I’m wondering if I should do a 1/2 marathon race 6 weeks before the marathon or just use that half marathon as a training run?”

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The amount of time it takes to recover from racing is different for everyone. Some bounce back relatively quickly, while others recover more slowly. The general rule is that it takes about one day to recover for every mile that you race. So, it will take almost two weeks for you to be fully recovered from a half marathon.

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Marathon Training Schedules for an Older Runner

Expert Panel Question???

“There are many training schedules for a marathon but there doesn’t seem to be anything tailored for an older runner. I’m 59 and would like something geared more to me. I just can’t run fast.”

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Response from Paul Pilkington:

I would follow one of the marathon training programs, but would make some adjustment on the recovery days between hard workouts. As older runners we tend to need more recovery. Once we get over 40 years old we start to lose muscle. Training helps to offset the loss, but an untrained over 40 year old will lose around a pound of muscle a year. As a result, instead of 1 easy day between quality workouts you might need 2 or 3 days. You’ll still run on those recovery days, but don’t be afraid to slow down and listen to your body. If the schedule says go hard on Tuesday and Thursday you might want to experiment with Monday and Thursday to get an extra day of recovery.

Response from Janae Richardson:

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How to find a race for a overweight person?

Expert Panel Question???

I want to start out slow but I want to get into some races. How do you find a race that fits a person that’s overweight and wants to start racing?

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My suggestion would be to start preparing to run a 5K. A 5K is 3.1 miles and is a good race distance to start at. Take a look at UtahRunning.com’s race calendar and find a 5K that works with your schedule. I would pick a race that is at least 2-3 months away to give yourself time to train, especially if you have just started running. Then begin training. Start out running a couple of days a week and gradually build up the number of days you are running and the miles you are running.

A few training rules to live by:

1) Increase your weekly mileage by no more than about 10 percent each week (i.e. if week 1’s mileage is 10 miles then 10 percent of that would be 1 mile. So, week 2’s mileage should be around 11 miles).

2) Your longest run during a week should only be 25-30 percent of your total weekly mileage (i.e. if your weekly mileage is 20 miles then 25 percent of 20 would be a 5 mile run).

3) Decrease your weekly mileage every 3rd week to rest and recover.

Consistency in your training is key. You will be surprised at the changes you will see in your body as you put in some time running. That being said, it is also important to be patient with yourself and with your training. Don’t be afraid to inter-mix some walking into your runs, especially if you are just starting to run. This will allow you to workout longer and help you build up your cardio time.

Racing is a great way to stay motivated, so pick your race and go for it!

Send me an email at janae (at) utahrunning.com if you are interested in personalized coaching. I would love to help you train for a 5K.

by Janae Richardson – Runner | High School Cross Country & Track Coach

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Janae Richardson – Utah Running Expert

Janae Richardson     

Runner, USATF Certified Coach, Co-founder of UtahRunning.com 

Janae Richardson is a homemaker, runner, coach, and co-founder of UtahRunning.com.  She graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelors Degree in History Teaching and PE/Coaching.  Janae is a Level 1 Certified USA Track and Field Coach and is pursuing a masters degree in Exercise Science at Utah State University.  She currently coaches cross country at Davis High School (Kaysville, UT) and offers private coaching to runners of all levels.

Career Highlights:


3 years experience teaching U.S. History (2005-2008)

4 years experience teaching Physical Education (2005-2009)


Sand Ridge Junior High Basketball and Track and Field Coach (2005-2008)

Roy High JV Basketball Coach (2006-2009)

Davis High School Cross Country Coach (2007-present)

9th at Nike Team Nationals Davis High School Girls Cross Country 2007

State Champions Davis High School Girls Cross Country Team 2007, 2008

2nd Place at State Davis High School Girls Cross Country Team 2009


2 years experience managing a specialty running shoe store

Janae competed in cross country and track at Weber State University.  Since college, she has completed three marathons (Top of Utah, St. George, and Chicago), several half-marathons, and many local 5Ks and 10Ks.  A healthy lifestyle and running have become a permanent part of Janae’s life and she enjoys sharing her passion for running with others.

Athletic Accomplishments:

Mile:  5:15

2 Mile:  11:14

Steeplechase:  10:49

5K:  17:01

10K:  35:30 (Weber State Top Ten List)

Half Marathon:  1:21:50 Salt Lake Half 2010

Marathon: 2:59:53 St. George Marathon 2006

Janae grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho where she graduated from Hillcrest High School.  She met her husband, Ken, while competing at WSU.  They currently reside in Ogden, Utah with their daughter and son.

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