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Tips for Training for a Marathon

Expert Panel Question???

“I’m a 62 year old male runner, have run many half marathons but never a full marathon. I run 3 – 4 times a week averaging 25 to 35 miles. I play golf and weight train moderately. I’m training for a marathon and would like to feel more energized – suggestions?”


Realize that training for a marathon at any age is an energy draining pursuit, but to help you feel as good as possible try the following:

1. Keep your run days to 3-4 times a week
2. Keep your weekday runs to no more than an hour.
3. Do long runs every other Saturday and start them about 16 weeks out(assuming you already can run 90 minutes for a long run)
4. Do your longest training run at 22 miles and do it 3 weeks out from your race.
5. Focus on eating really well after all your runs. Drink a recovery drink IMMEDIATELY upon finishing a run and then eat a whole food meal within 45-60 minutes following that has a lot of carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fat.
6. Drink lots of water each day.
7. Sleep really well.
8. Use a sports massage therapist twice a month
9. Take a solid vitamin/mineral/ antioxidant supplement day and night.
10. Take an ice bath after each long run.

by Debbie Perry

Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor

USA Triathlon Certified Coach

Colgan Power Program Strength Trainer

Local Elite Runner/Triathlete

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Couch to 5k Program Question

Expert Panel Questions???

“Ok. I’m just starting the couch to 5k program. I think if I plan for August 1st I will be ready for any coming run during that time. Already thinking ahead now; I’m worried about what is next? How do I increase training for a 10 K and how much time needed.”

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First off, congratulations on taking the first step . . . making the decision to do it! My suggestion to you, if you haven’t already, is to pick a specific 5k race that you want to do and register/sign up for it. This gives you a deadline and helps your training become more specific and purposeful.

Once you’ve done a 5k and you’re ready to tackle a 10k, really the only thing that will change in your training is you’ll gradually increase your mileage. I personally think that if you’ve put in the training for a 5k you could do a 10k as early as 2 or 3 weeks after the 5k. The key is the increase in mileage, maybe a half a mile at a time (more or less depending on how you’re feeling).

I would suggest getting your regular distance runs up to a distance further than 6 miles so that when the 10k does come around you’ll be confident knowing that you’ve done it before! Good luck and have fun!

by Lindsey Anderson – Olympian | Professional Athlete

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Utah High School/College Tracks Open to Public?

Expert Panel Questions???

“Are there any tracks (high school/college) that are open for public use? If so, what times? Thanks!”

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In order to find out what tracks are open to the public, you would need to check with each of the facilities. I know that during the summer and fall the tracks are not used by the high school and college teams much, but may be used by some of the other programs at times (band, cheerleaders, football, etc). In Davis County, some tracks that I know are open to public use include Davis High, Viewmont High, Weber State, Layton High. Some that I know are typically locked include Northridge High and Syracuse High.

The typical time that people in the community use the track is early in the morning (before 8:00) and in the evening (after 6:00pm).

Good Luck.

By Corbin Talley – Elite Athlete: Marathoner/Ultra Marathoner | High School Track & Cross Country Coach

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Utah Marathon Comparison Question

Question: “Do you do clinics for coaches?”

Answer: UtahRunning.com does not currently host any clinics for coaches, but it is definitely something we have planned for the near future. We will keep you posted.


Question: “How does Utah Valley Marathon compare to St. George Marathon in terms of speed of finishers?”


Rocky Mountain Running and Triathlon Magazine had a great article in their January 2010 issue that compared several marathons in our region, including the St. George and the Utah Valley Marathon. It was titled, “Regional Marathon Comparison Guide”. If you check around you may still be able to find a copy, but below are some of the highlights. This data is based off of 2009 race results. Keep in mind that the 2010 Utah Valley Marathon course has been altered and is claiming to be faster than in previous years.

By Janae Richardson – Runner | High School Cross Country & Track Coach

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Utah City Running

Expert Panel Questions???

“I have been running since September. I run almost every day but Sundays. I ran a race 5k last week in Salt Lake and did good, but I run a lot around my city and find it’s hard to keep a good pace. How can I do that?”

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City running can definitely be tough because you’re forced to stop much more often so you feel like you’re not getting in a solid run. Fortunately I don’t have to run in the city too often, but when I do I find myself worrying about the quality of the run, the pace, the stop and go, etc.

Here’s a few suggestions: if possible run early in the morning or later in the evening to try and avoid some of the traffic; find a park you can run in and even though you’ll probably be making lots of loops it will give you the opportunity for a constant run; if all else fails, don’t beat yourself up if you do have to stop throughout your run, you’re still gaining cardiovascular benefits so try not to worry about it.

by Lindsey Anderson – Olympian | Professional Athlete

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Here is a list of running clubs in Utah.  Many of these clubs have organized group runs on a regular basis.  Another option is to check with your local running stores.  They would be able to provide you with additional information regarding training group options in your area.

Sage to SuMMit

Nibley, UT



Sun and Snow Runners

Logan, UT


Golden Spike Track Club

Brigham City, UT



Ogden Running Club (ORCS)

Ogden, UT



South Weber Wind Runners

South Weber, UT


Summit Busters

Kaysville, UT


South Davis Road Runners

Davis County



Northern Utah Triathletes

Davis County



Salt Lake City Track Club




Salt Lake City Jeff Galloway

Salt Lake City, UT



USA Track and Field-Utah




Wasatch Athletics

Murray, UT

(801) 288-9555

Sojourners Running Club

Orem, UT


St. George Running Club

St. George, UT







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