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Dear New Runner

Expert Panel Question???

Question: “I’m interested in starting running, but I find it a little intimidating. How do I start?”

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Dear New Runner,

What an exciting time to be starting with your running. There are so many opportunities for runners these days. There are road races and trail races in almost any distance, there are groups of all levels to train with, there are team relay races which can be a lot of fun, there are some great local places to train, and there are a lot of advancements in training technology.

I can understand how it might feel intimidating or even a bit overwhelming to get started. Here is my advice for you:

1) Make your running whatever you want it to be. It has to be about you and what you like. There is a wide range of possibilities from training for races to training for health and fitness. Find something to run for – you will feel the satisfaction from running much more if you have a purpose. I like to pick a race in the future and work toward that race. It might be 3 months away or a year away, but it gives me some focus and it helps me to stay committed. I also make running plans week to week that help me get ready for the future race.

2) Set some goals. It comes back to the advice given above – the importance of running with a purpose. Not only does it make running more fun and have more satisfaction, it also helps you to stay committed through the tough days. I would start with something simple – like completing a 3 mile run without walking (or a 6 mile run, or whatever your level is). Then figure out why you are doing this, and go from there. After setting a goal to finish my first marathon, then working toward that goal, then accomplishing that goal, the feeling was indescribable. It will give you strength and confidence and it will empower you as a runner and a person. And it will make you want to set new goals and accomplish them–it is kind of addicting.

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Rocky Mountain Running & Triathlon Magazine Press Release

Endurance Sports Media Adds Rocky Mountain Running & Triathlon Magazine To Lineup

BEND, Oregon – April 13, 2010: The Endurance Sports Media Group, Inc. announced today that it will be the official agency of record with respect to national running footwear, apparel and related industry advertising for Salt Lake City, Utah based Rocky Mountain Running & Triathlon Magazine.

Rocky Mountain Running & Triathlon Magazine is a new, bi-monthly publication focused on running and triathlon covering Utah, Nevada and the surrounding states in the mountain region.

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Training Schedule Adjustments for Running Multiple Marathons


“How do i need to adjust my training schedule for running multiple marathons (one a month for 4 months). i haven’t been able to find training schedules for this kind of running. I don’t know when to taper, how to do speed workouts, etc. i am trying to get under 3:30 for one or all of the races. I also want to know how often i should do gu or gels during the race. i have run more than a dozen marathons, yet i still can’t figure it out. If you have any advice that would be great!

Oh ya, if you know of any running studies i could be a part of that would be awesome too.
Sherrie Wayment LOVE2RUN


Hi Sherrie,

The short answer is yes, you would want to adjust your training based on the number of races you plan to run and the frequency with which you plan to run them. The marathon distance takes a toll on your body and without adequate recovery you will not be properly, rested, refueled and ready for the next one. That said, I would think seriously about running one per month, especially if you are trying to set a personal best. I am a pretty firm believer that you can only really “race” 2-3 marathons per year – the incredible effort it takes to do well in a marathon (training: including mileage and speed work as well as recovering adequately) is quite taxing. Not knowing your current training schedule, it is difficult to make specific suggestions or comments – I am also not a coach, and consulting with one would be a great place to start. Paul Pilkington [Lora Erickson, and Janae Richardson], [members] of UtahRunning.com’s expert panel [offer] coaching services and may be a great resource for you to develop a training plan specific to your needs.

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Why Strength Training is Important to Runners

Imagine a scenario that places you at the starting line of the Ogden Marathon. The past nine months has been a trying ordeal of 4:30 a.m. training that included tempo runs, interval training, and fartleks, all aimed at producing a marathon personal best of 2 hours and 50 minutes.

You have been unwavering in your commitment to weekend long runs despite missing birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and your kid’s soccer games. You’ve even developed an appreciation for gels and look forward to sneaking a few during your lunch break at work. Fast forward to mile 22 of the marathon, you survived the “wall” by logging massive training miles and a smart nutrition strategy but you begin to notice that your once eloquent stride of a 6:30 pace (think antelope on the Wyoming high desert) now resembles an oil pump jack that has you slogging at 10:15 pace. The last four miles of the race are a test in mental fortitude, that PR of 2:50 turned into 3:30 and some change. After the race you sit down and analyze your training plan. It seems all there, the mind numbing tempo runs, the vomit inducing intervals, and not to be forgotten, a near addiction to vanilla-ginger gels. You’re dumbfounded and disgusted with yourself. You make a vow to never race again, especially the marathon distance.

How could this scenario have been turned around into that personal best? Simple–strength training. In the past, runners have eschewed barbells and dumbbells for fear of “bulking up” or that the extra time devoted to strength training would be better spent on improving ones VO2 max. These fears and ideas have been supplemented by quality research showing that concurrent endurance training and strength training produce a more efficient and faster runner.

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How to find a race for a overweight person?

Expert Panel Question???

I want to start out slow but I want to get into some races. How do you find a race that fits a person that’s overweight and wants to start racing?

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My suggestion would be to start preparing to run a 5K. A 5K is 3.1 miles and is a good race distance to start at. Take a look at UtahRunning.com’s race calendar and find a 5K that works with your schedule. I would pick a race that is at least 2-3 months away to give yourself time to train, especially if you have just started running. Then begin training. Start out running a couple of days a week and gradually build up the number of days you are running and the miles you are running.

A few training rules to live by:

1) Increase your weekly mileage by no more than about 10 percent each week (i.e. if week 1’s mileage is 10 miles then 10 percent of that would be 1 mile. So, week 2’s mileage should be around 11 miles).

2) Your longest run during a week should only be 25-30 percent of your total weekly mileage (i.e. if your weekly mileage is 20 miles then 25 percent of 20 would be a 5 mile run).

3) Decrease your weekly mileage every 3rd week to rest and recover.

Consistency in your training is key. You will be surprised at the changes you will see in your body as you put in some time running. That being said, it is also important to be patient with yourself and with your training. Don’t be afraid to inter-mix some walking into your runs, especially if you are just starting to run. This will allow you to workout longer and help you build up your cardio time.

Racing is a great way to stay motivated, so pick your race and go for it!

Send me an email at janae (at) utahrunning.com if you are interested in personalized coaching. I would love to help you train for a 5K.

by Janae Richardson – Runner | High School Cross Country & Track Coach

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by on Feb.19, 2010, under Expert Answers, Utah 5k

UtahRunning.com Slogan Contest

September 19, 2009 UtahRunning.com started a slogan contest to allow the community to help the UtahRunning.com team come up with the best slogan for the website.

Applicants were able to enter as many slogans as they wished. The one winner received a cash prize of $100. If you would like to watch the video explaining the slogan contest visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvxjvHI21Ok.

So you are probably wondering who won the contest, right? Well Dustin J. of Salt Lake City was the winner with 46% of the votes. The slogan to be used which you probably have seen through out the site is “Your Run Starts Here”.
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