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Training Log (Download Here)

If you aren’t logging your miles you are really missing out on an important part of running.  A training log can help you stay motivated and injury free because it gives you a chance to track your progress and analyze your training.

Tom De Marco a well known engineer once said, “You can’t control what you can’t measure”. This is even more true when it comes to running.

Click Here to download the excel spreadsheet file Training Log.

Log your runs, plus your cycling, swimming, and other cross-training activities.

For each workout, keep track of your time and distance, route, planned workout, actual workout, heart rate, food, shoe mileage, daily & weekly mileage, personal notes and more.

You can download the file here:

We know that there are more sophisticated tools out there, but we like this training log because it’s free, simple, and effective.  Make it your own and see the results!

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2 responses to “Training Log (Download Here)”

  1. stephen says:

    thanks i would like to know how to nurse knee injuries and how to maintain shape for along period,thanks for your great advice which will help my youths to do good in future.

  2. Stephen–I would check out a couple of articles by Dr. Scharmann for the answers to your questions: http://blog.utahrunning.com/runners-knee/ and

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