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Question: “I have been running pretty consistent for 2 years and now my knees will have slight pain off and on”

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It’s difficult to answer this fully as there are many variables. I’m not sure where your knee pain is located, and under what conditions your knee pain arises? The knees are often the victim to the hip and ankle. Alignment, stride, footwear, core stability and running surface are just a few possibilities. I’d recommend you track more details as to when it occurs related to the run (during, after…), where in the knee it hurts, is there accompanied swelling, and what about other related areas (hip, low back, ankle – same side or opposite)? Possibly stretch after the run and ice your knees; and consider cross training for a change of load to the joints.


Expert Panel Question???

Question: “I’ve noticed about once or twice a mile I nick my left ankle with my right foot (never the other way around). Is this normal, or do I have a serious problem with my running form?”

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I hear this type of comment often, and it is quite normal especially on uneven terrain. Consider running imagining a 2 inch line in the center. Have the inside arch of each foot touch just outside the line, but don’t cross it or step on it. We often have a dominant leg that tends to be under our center. We want good alignment of the hip, knee and ankle.

Answers provided by:

Korryn Wiese – Physical Therapist, CMPT

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