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You Know You’re A Runner If…


“you’re not afraid of snot rockets.  That’s when I crossed into true runner-dom.”

–Bethany Dawn Larson


“…you have calloused toes, missing toenails and rubbed raw between your thighs and underarms.  Glide this!”

–Lily Campbell Wheatfill


“you skip the shower to get that extra mile.”

–Felicia Nicole


“you have more running clothes than regular clothes in your laundry pile”

–Fabricio Gutierrez

“you plan your vacations around a race.”

–Clayton Blackham


“You go through surgery and the first think you ask is when you can start running again.”

–Benjamin Hooley


“you’ve ran 5 or more miles (or however far you go) on a Saturday hours before the rest of the neighborhood has even thought about waking up.”

–Dan Wybrow


“you have had to take an emergency bathroom break, even though you’re less than a mile away from home.”

–Ben Van Beekum


“You get more excited over a new pair of running shoes instead of heels and have to show them off to everyone.”

–Kellie Bywater


“your muscles hurt from another door sport (snowboarding to be exact) and you say to yourself ‘running will ease that out just a bit’ and you log 5 miles to ‘warm ‘em up’.”

–Liz Cloyd


“…you have more miles on your running shoes than your car!”

–Jace Zemcik


“…you feel no shame running off into the woods to do your business.”

–Barbara Weiner Wolf


“You carefully monitor the color of your pee and are upset with yourself when it is too yellow.”

–Neal Clarke


“you pee your pants to beat a PR”

–Cami Moyes Jensen


“…you spend an hour on your foam roller before you go to bed.”

–Jarrod Garr


“you refer to St. George and Ogden as races not cities.”

“the journal you keep is in miles and time not feelings or thoughts”

–Darcy Robison Rees


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